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How to DenimHow to Denim

Or rather, our tips on how to choose and wear the most iconic garment, navigating the latest styles, timeless classics and the trendiest fits.

Which jeans will be in fashion in 2023?

Which will be the most interesting and unique women’s jeans? Here’s what we think!

A must-have in every wardrobe, raise your hand if you don’t own (at least) one pair.

Jeans were originally a causal garment, but today it can be worn in a formal version, with a blazer, shirt and loafers if you’re going for a work look, or in a hyper glam version, with a top, clutch and jewelled sandals for your nights out.

The Rinascimento Denim Collections are proudly 100% Made in Italy.

We renew our most iconic garments season after season, thanks to testing and continuous improvements.
From the most classic five-pocket denim trousers to denim jackets onto the ever-present summer shorts.

How to DenimHow to Denim
How to DenimHow to Denim

Carefully selected materials that ensure comfort and excellent fit are the foundation on which we build the collection.

Thanks to the continuous trend research carried out by our style department, we offer designs that ride the latest trends, with innovative and forever feminine details.

So many patterns, colours, shapes and details: choosing the perfect jeans is not easy, the patterns and fits really are endless.

Is there a style that suits all women? Unfortunately, no, but...don’t panic!
A good solution may be to look for the style that best suits our body shape.

Before we present you with our guide to various body shapes and related jeans styles,

let’s have a little review of the main styles.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Skinny Jeans

How to DenimHow to Denim

These are the absolute tightest of jeans, skinny all over the leg. To meet this characteristic, they are always made of stretch and snug-fitting fabric.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Slim-Fit Jeans

This fit lies somewhere between skinny and straight. They tend to be tighter at the top and looser from the knee down, without covering the ankle.

How to DenimHow to Denim
How to DenimHow to Denim

Straight Jeans

How to DenimHow to Denim

The most classic type of jeans, are literally “straight” from the waist down and aren’t particularly wide. They can be either plain or stretch denim.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Wide-Leg Jeans

These wide-fit jeans tend to be high-waisted and start straight from the waist.

How to DenimHow to Denim
How to DenimHow to Denim

Bootcut Jeans

How to DenimHow to Denim

These jeans are slightly flared from the knee down, which makes them suitable for wearing with all types of footwear.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Flared Jeans

Similar to the bootcut style, the classic flared jeans are characterised by a flare from the knee down.

How to DenimHow to Denim
How to DenimHow to Denim

Culottes or Cropped Jeans

This style of jeans is characterised by a high waist, wide fit and mid-calf/ankle length.

Mom Jeans

The fabric of this type of jeans is stiff instead of stretchy. This is combined with a high or very high waist, straight leg and length down to the ankles.

Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans are characterised by a loose fit, high waist and are cut at the ankle. They get their name from the apparent contrast of the specific fit with traditionally feminine jeans standards, such as skinny or flared.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Can be grouped into hourglass, triangle (or “pear”), inverse triangle (or “apple”), oval and rectangle.


Vita afTapered waist and equal proportions of bust and hips.
The jeans you choose should do no more than enhance this natural proportion.
So go for high-waisted women’s jeans, possibly combined with tucked in or cropped tops,

These types of jeans, preferably made of slightly stretchy and not too thick fabric, will best wrap around the well-shaped curves.
The most important detail to keep in mind? The back pockets. Be careful not to choose jeans where they are too small as this could make the whole look less curvy.

How to DenimHow to Denim

TRIANGLE (or "pear")

The characteristics of this body shape are a more petite upper body in comparison to more curvaceous lower body. Usually, those who fall into this “category” have a slim waist.

So, what is the aim of a good pair of jeans for this body shape?
Re-proportioning, enhancing the strong points.
The suggestions already listed for the hourglass shape therefore remain valid.

will be perfect!
The width below the knee is, in fact, a valuable ally for re-proportioning or slimming.
Option for uniform washes can always be useful in order to make proportions more balanced.
In this case, the detail to bear in mind is the high waist, which absolutely needs to be enhanced.

How to DenimHow to Denim


In this case, the shape will be more generous in the upper part of the body, such as the shoulders and bust, while the lower part will be more slender, with narrow hips and slim legs.
As with the triangle, the key word is: re-proportioning or enhancing!
All attention should therefore be focused on the slender and slim legs.
The most suitable styles are

leaving the ankles free and clearly visible.
Light washes and shades are also recommended.

How to DenimHow to Denim


This body shape includes all the physical features that focus on the upper body, in particular the abdomen.
The key to enhancing this type of physique is to accentuate a less marked waistline, trying to slim the figure as much as possible.
Your best friend will therefore be jeans that are neither too loose nor too tight, the classic


being the perfect choice.
Any deviation towards wide or tight styles would risk drawing attention to points from which we might want to decrease attention.

How to DenimHow to Denim


What characterises this body shape?
Of all of them, this one includes the leanest and most slender physiques, where the shoulder, waist and hips are fairly uniform in size.
A slimmer and leaner physique tends to choose freely, ranging between different styles, colours, and details, precisely because of its uniqueness.
If, however, a more curvaceous figure is desired, shape will need to be created in the leaner areas.


will be perfect, just be sure to choose a high waist and accessorise them with a belt.
Carrot fit or so-called “Carmella” jeans with a cinched waist are also suitable.

How to DenimHow to Denim

Choosing your new pair of jeans has never been this much fun!

The Rinascimento Denim Collection is available on the official website.
Our Customer Service is always available to support and advise you during your shopping experience.


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